Interlude 2019 is a space for the Post Graduates at Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology for engaging in an open elective to reflect, discuss, and perform around the theme of ‘The Confluence of Forces’


Building dialogue to envisage a collective vision to celebrate the future.

Swaying in the midst of forces of confluence seems to be order of the day. It is affirming and blissful at times but at times, it can be the most difficult mile to tread. However, it is the propeller of energy, the transformer of time and may be the confirmation of lived experiences. All of us have our stake in it. No wonder why we strive to be in the midst of it. It is about our voice being heard, about our vision being seen and about our participation being valued. And most of it all it is about acknowledging the space, place, emotions, faith and the life & time we live in.

The four proposed strands / areas of inquiry strive to dwell into: Visualizing Change, Unraveling Order, Sensing the Rhythm and looking at Scrap of Stroke. They are designed to unearth and determine the various facets of livability and understand the nuances of the place, discover how to shape a synchronized environment, build a platform for a dialogue andform a collective vision through a creative endeavor.

Areas of inquiry for students to engage and explore the place and people:

  1. Visualizing Change(Vishwesh Vishwanathan, Subbu, Urvashi Jalali)
  2. Unraveling Order(Mary Jacob, Janak Mistry, Ritu Sonalika, Lavanya Sahi) 
  3. Sensing the Rhythm(Anil Kumar, Bhavin Kothari, Gaurav Singh, Veena Krishnakumar, Abhishek Hazra, Rachel Immanuel) 
  4. Responding to the Impact(Ramesh Kalkur, Sanjukta Ghosh, Niret Alva, Siddhi Bhandari, Srijan Mandal) 
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