Festival of Performances

Festival of Performances, a display of nine transdisciplinary, multilingual projects, is a celebration of the venerable writer, poet, playwright and filmmaker Girish Karnad’s themes and activism. In collaboration with the National School of Drama, students work alongside various theatre artists, filmmakers, musicians, modern dancers, performers, poets and video makers from around the globe to bring to light the brilliant works and subjects covered by Karnad himself. With prevalent themes of folk, myth and magic weaved into interactive storytelling, experimental theatre, immersive performances and artistic interventions, the event is conceptualised to leave the audience with a lasting impression. Performances ranging from traditional dance to more avante garde installations, the displays will engage with ideas of duality and blurring the lines between perceived distinctions within our understanding of the world. The event is curated by poet, playwright and translator, Mamta Sagar.


A Musical Manifesto of the Independence of the Mind

How do we provoke, evoke, express and discover the Self and the world beyond duality and wonder?

Can you Hear Me?

A collaboration of the artist, environment, and the audience. 

Karnad- Words in Visuals

How are dialogues interpreted as visuals? How do the iconic works of Girish Karnad translate to the modern day?


What distinguishes tradition from modernity? What are the requirements of a changing time? Can we critique through dance and theatre?

This, That and the Other : Exploring Duality

What defines one thing as separate from the other? A performance that blurs the lines of distinction between the artist and the audience. 


How does music help communicate sensitive issues?

 shaheed: Martyr/witness

How does poetry translate to performance? Can performance challenge the collective consciousness and contest the conventional?

The Dream Constructors

Let the snakeskin guide you through an experience inspired by the timeless works of Girish Karnad. 

The Witness

Let’s create an open invitation to listen; what new stories exist in the space between humans and non-humans? 



Folk singing

Musical Sustainability




Deep Listening


Performative poetry

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