Festival Of Ideas

An ensemble of 10 interdisciplinary projects that goes beyond the traditional framework of art and design, this year’s Festival Of Idea seeks to investigate the everyday using the micro-historical approach that will focus on small units in the society or neighborhood, which might have contributed to the cultural and social history of the place. Conceived and developed alongside various artists from Switzerland, London, Japan and India, these projects explore socially engaging, participatory and innovative artistic practices. By using micro-histories as an operating tool, students and participating artists will probe into ways people, events and individuals of a given time period is thinking about, interacting, and classifying the world around them. Combining research with reflexivity, these projects will also explore themes of immersion and otherness, closeness and distancing, belonging and dislocation, artificial and real, mechanics of a complex world, collectivity and individuality. The Festival of Ideas was curated by Meena Vari, Artist, Faculty at Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology.


Miniature Portraits

How can we capture the moving pieces of the puzzle of our city, portraits of the people and places?

Artificial Intelligence and Future Micro-Histories

How is A.I becoming ubiquitous to our times? What opportunities or threats does A.I. pose for us as individuals?

The Unremembered : Indian Soldiers of World War II

How do we bring alive the unforgotten Indian soldiers of WW2? What role did they play in India’s larger history?

The Falls

A peek into the X-Ray of your city- Let’s form images of your everyday landscape of people, places and object.


Can the preconceived notions of a city be broken by disruption and reconstruction of ideas? 

Sound - Body – Space

What does it take to create a performance that fuses contemporary dance movements with meditative techniques?

Connect: Chickpet Revisited

What histories lie underneath metro stations? What forgotten stories and memoirs does this multi-layered city hold?


How can we disrupt gendered spaces and coexist as an individual, a part of a culture and community?

Our Scenery

Are the coloured landscapes going unnoticed? What objects can make our surroundings more eye-catching and interactive?

Fabric Ecologies

How do we develop sensitivity about the fragility of our ecological situations through textile and printing?


How do we see and coexist with the organisms around us? How do we create new organisms through sculpting and moulding?

What Time is  this Place?

 How do we go beyond the general routine of historicising a place and investigate it through micro-histories and its everyday lives?

Art in Transit

How do we expand curiosity, understanding and experience of art in the public sphere?  


How do we break the barriers of conventional, narrative based films? How can we create memories though curation? 

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