What time is this place?

About the Project

The Wheeler Road Flyover in Cox Town, an infrastructure project like any other, cut through the neighbourhood like a knife slicing through butter, uprooting glorious old rain trees on either side and replacing them instead with stern stanchions of steel drowned in stubborn concrete. A decade later, the place still yearns to heal its scars. Everyday life takes over and extends its reaches, trying in all earnest to come back together, to carry on with a new way of life.  For three weeks the team of Whose Time Is This Place? inhabited the underbelly of the flyover where they shared the space with peaceful cows, busy lizards, territorial dogs, fleeting birds, curious bystanders and enthusiastic passers-by. Here, they gathered stories of every-day lives of the potters of Pottery Town and the bambook sellers of Bamboo Bazaar. Local micro-histories and personal memories that nestle in the neighbourhood were sought, documented and evoked through murals. A garbage-filled area became re-energized through creative practice and art with found objects took on a new meaning with a ‘garden sculpture’ sheltered within an abandoned auto-rickshaw. The idea of a ‘temporary shelter’ is explored through the terracotta Gubbi Gudu (Sparrow Nest) from the Pottery town. What Time Is This Place? is an exhibition of public art and found object installations that evoke the fleeting, the forgotten and the ordinary.  


Surekha, a visual/video artist from India has been exploring artistic forms through installations, video & photography since the last two decades. Her works investigate how visuality can engage with gender/ecology/socio-political aesthetics, negotiating public and private spaces. Her work has been shown in various Indian and International galleries and museums including Kunstraum Kreuzberg (Berlin), Sanjose Museum, Ulrich museum (USA), Kunsthaus (Langenthal), Museum Guimet (Paris), EAWAG (Zurich), Venkatappa Art gallery (Bangalore), Devi Art Foundation, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (New Delhi), Kastrupgard Samlingen (Copenhagen), Herbert J.Foundation (Cornell University), Fondacio La Caixa (Barcelona), Bucharest Biennale, Pleasure Dome (Toronto), Alharama Art Center, Lahore/Karachi, Minneapolis Art Institute/Newark Museum, Ivam Museum (Spain), Asia Triennale (Manchester), Fluss (Austria), Boros Museum (Sweden), Ethnographic Museum (Geneva), Aboa Arsanova/Lappenrenta Museum (Finland) and IMA (Brisbane). Surekha has been involved in visual art collectives like BAR1, Khoj, VAG Forum and was a founder curator of Rangoli Metro Art Center, Bangalore. For more information, please visit www.surekhainfo.com.

Co-Facilitator: Kamya Ramachandran


Aishwarya Menon, Dsouza Denise Carol Cletus, Goutham V, Kamdar Dharini Bhavin, Kineri Shah, Mehta Siddharth Ketan, Parul Lavakare, Ridhi Chordia, Sneha Modi, Tejeshwar Singh, Titiksha Rout, Vyusti Nangalia

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