The Falls


About the Project

The Falls is an installation in five parts which includes screen-printed banners, prints on the risers of the staircase, a film, a large format book and a laser and sound installation. As a whole, the work reflects on the creation and development of cities, what is takes to sustain them and the effects they have on the wider environment. Concerns over water supply, pollution and the longevity of the built environment are often overshadowed by the desire for progress and the prospect of a golden future. The presentation of artworks such as this one, created over three weeks by students from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, provide an opportunity to reflect on these issues while engaging in the formal properties of the work.


Allan Parker

Allan Parker is an artist and designer based in London. He has a degree in Fine Art from The University of Reading and a PostGrad Diploma from Central Saint Martins College of Art in London. He was previously a senior fractional lecturer (practice) on the MA and BA in Photography at the University of Westminster in London. In 2010 he established a publishing imprint, Pure Land Press. For more information about Allan, please visit his websites:,, 

Artist's Note  

Noticing the kind of concerns people have like water and traffic, all the things present affect the way you think about your environment, it's like an X-Ray of the city.


Aditi Agarwal, Ashutosh Adwait Thakre, Atharva Anand Dnyanmote, Divya JainIlisha Mathur, Kajrri Nafde, Khushee Rajendra Hegde, Malaika N Shah, Nivedita Jajoo, Radhika Bayanwala, Sahana Ramakrishnan, Samridhhi Sondhi, Sanyukti Parab, Shekatkar Skand Rakesh, Shubhie Utsav Goswamy, Simar Gill, Srikrithi Srinivasan, Sukrut Vishwanath Joshi, Tanvi Shenoy K, Zevi Jacob Perez

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