Sound - Body – Space :  Rituals for the 21st Century

About the Project

As we make our way through the early years of the 21st century there is much that feels uncertain, many adaptations to be made as a global community, both ecologically and sociologically. What are the rituals that will help keep us safe on our arduous journey, will help us imagine our future and demand change? And how will we learn from the inevitable mistakes we make on the way - how will we care for one another and keep our sense of community in dangerous times? These are the questions that we have held close, and attempted to answer in our lab, at the same time celebrating and cherishing what we find and what we already have.

Using our bodies and voices we have struck a pathway that tries to move honestly and joyfully through the difficulties we encounter. We have attempted to embed concepts such as inclusivity, resilience, adaptability, protection, listening, mourning, holding space into the modern rituals in the community of Chikpete, and the spaces of the metro station. Some are of our own invention and some we have learned from others. We hope they strike a chord with you.

Jon Petter

Jon Petter is an artist, musician, dancer, composer, arranger and educationalist. He believes in the right of all to an artistic life, and the power of sounding and moving, of singing and dancing, of engagement in music and art to empower, heal, enrich and unite all communities. Jon has over 30 years of experience in the arts. His initial training was as a dancer at Central School of Ballet. He later trained with Community Music and John Stevens’ influential ‘Search and Reflect’ method. He is currently training at the Center for Deep Listening @Rensselaer, engaged with the Deep Listening work of Pauline Oliveros. 

Co-Facilitator :  Seema Satyu

Artist's Note  

As a musician, you’re always dancing a bit through whatever you are doing and there is always a sense of movement. You have to allow music to inhabit the body.

Student Reflections 

We learnt to create our own rituals to connect with each other and make sense of the world around us. Learning to listen to the move and coordinate with each other to cues of both music and silence and sharing our honest thoughts with each other has made us all closer and more aware of each other. 

There are three alarming things in my head when I come to this class- connection, power of silence and resilience in time of turmoils. The presence of silence makes me more calm inside to fight all things going around me. This class changed me more internally and that change can’t be expressed without the connection of people around me where I felt it actually. I feel I can sense the deepest sound running inside me.


Aalia Antonia Desylva, Aditi Pasricha, Akriti Goel, Anushree Anil Gogirwar, Dalal Sneha Sham, Dalvi Prachi Pramod, Jha Malvika Sunil, Jieya Rawal, Kedar Raman, Lavanya Sharma, Manasi Patankar, Niya Prabhakar, Saachi Pimprikar, Shreya Chaturvedi, Suga Varsha K, Tarang Mathur, Thaniya Kanaka Mahalakshmi S, Urmimala Bandyopadhyay

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