Miniature Portraits

About the Project

Constructed as a series of short animated documentaries, Miniature Portraits is located somewhere between art installation and filmmaking. The project explores the current cultural, sociopolitical and psychological mindsets of Bengaluru through the portrayal of personal narrative. Using stop motion animation, cut out, drawn animation and pixilation, the project aim to capture the intangible through the physicality of raw materials. The projects also explore poetic animation, the choreography of emotional movement and the art of conveying a narrative through metaphor and abstraction. Miniature Portraits aim to blur the boundary of the ‘screen’ and transcend the margins separating art installation, animation, and cinema. The short films created by the students draw upon the significance and consequence of time and how it has a role in changing many aspects of the city such as food and businesses as well as the value of language and signages on the city and its people. The project includes the short films: Have You Seen The Sign?, Carry Forward, Food In Bangalore: A Memoir


Kim Noce

Kim Noce is an Italian Artist and Filmmaker residing in the UK. Her work has been screened in hundreds of international film festivals, displayed in art galleries, broadcasted in major TV channels and won several prizes around the world. In the last ten years, Kim has directed and animated several independent short films for the festival circuit, and many commissioned short films from funders such as the BBC, Channel 4, HLF, BFI and TATE.

Co-Facilitator: Shraddha Jain

Artist's Note 

From where I’ve been, movement in Bangalore is very different, not very rigid but organic. People don’t follow rules but find their own space, which is very fascinating for an animator.

Student Reflections

Miniature portraits were microimages which were kept as a remembrance for a loved one they were often fitted into lockets so that they could be carried on the person. Portraiture is a depiction of things not only the way they are but the way they look to the maker.

Using animated documentaries as our medium we have explored multiple facets of Bangalore continues to affect us as migrants and as locals. This project is a portrait of our experiences and curiosities condensed into films.

As people traverse through the ever changing city while travelling through time, no one commuter is the same at the end of his/her journey as they were at the start of it. The changing foodscape of Bangalore acts as a mirror for the growing population and diversity of the city. Bookshops around and inside the corners and ends of streets are wavering to obscurity. They remain only through nostalgia and fading memories, withstanding all kinds of cultural trends and modern businesses.


Aayush Ray Chaudhuri, Ananya Shenoy, Anubhav Mahajan, Athreya Krishnamurthy, Bela Doshi, Bhalerao Nivedita Chandrashekhar, Chati Kartik Rajeev, Divyaksh Trivedi, Glenna B Dsouza, Kaveri Pranava Govind, Mehaa Chakrabarti, Nathan Calisto Gomes, Noronha David Carminho Armando, Pooja Proach, Pratham Prakash Ajila, Riddhima Shrivastava, Saniya Ray, Sanyukta Bhonsle, V Pariksheth Karai, Varun Balasubramani

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