Our Scenery

About the Project

The scenery that we see has not changed much and sometimes goes ignored. However, by adding a foreign object, the regular scene disappears and something new appears. The idea of Our Scenery is to create new sceneries by introducing foreign objects that are created during the project. After digitally documenting locations, the students then created patterns that are stitched to inflatable materials, which is then placed in identified locations to create new sceneries.

Risa Sato

Risa Sato is an artist based in Japan. She has a completed master’s degree in Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Department of Design. Her work is being carried out both in Japan and overseas as the performance “Risa Campaign” and then she was attracting attention with its unique communication method. Since then, she has been installing objects in public spaces. Her other works include picture book production, art director for educational TV programs and many more. For more information about Risa’s work, please visit her website - www.risacan.com. 

Co-Facilitator : Sujata Ramesh Pudale

Artist's Note  

This time the concept is actually connecting a block of people and crossing with them; the small places lead to new experiences.

Student Reflections 

This interim was unique because we collaborated and worked alongside a practicing artist. It opened us up to their ways of working and their ideals. For our scenery we began sharing different perspectives with each other and exchanging ideas from both Japan and Bangalore. We experimented with the memories a particular scenery instils within the minds of the people. 

How can the introduction of a foreign object change the perception of a place? Our installation was centred around the idea of the metro station being a place where people from different places intersect momentarily. We decided to keep it large and interactive consisting of a loop structure to encourage people to move within the inflatable. 


Guneet Suri, Hemang Arora, Hima Susan Zacharia, Ishra Maria Philipose, Jadhao Shivani Sunil, Janaki Syam, Jhunjhunwala Aashna Kushalraj, Kedar Asher Benjamin, Kode Simran Mahesh, Lopes Tessa Raminha Sheena, Mardhekar Sawani Sameer, Oorja Nagaich, Ramit Bhargava, Richa Mehta, Sabhya Dogra, Satoskar Srushti Vidyadhar, Shelke Rutuja Manoj, Tanve Agerwal, Upasana Chadha, Vishal Jha

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