About the Project

Experimenta India: The Curatorial Impulse, is a curatorial, archiving and exhibition project focused on media art. Contextualized within the disciplines of experimental film and video art, this project investigates the complexity of the curatorial impulse by exploring practices of documentation and exhibition and bringing value to artistic processes of creating memory. An archive of old and new media was set up by the team of students and they also worked on the production of the Experimenta India film programme at the International Film Festival of Kerala, scheduled for December 6-13. The exhibition features a program of films curated by each participant.

Shai Heredia

Shai Heredia is a filmmaker and curator of film art. In 2003 she founded Experimenta, the moving image art biennial, which has gained international prominence as an influential platform for experimental film and video. Heredia has curated experimental films at film festivals and art venues worldwide, including the Berlinale, Germany and the Tate Modern, London. Her films co-directed with Shumona Goel, I Am Micro (2012) has won a National Award from the Government of India and was premiered at the Guggenheim Museum (NYC/Berlin). It was also exhibited at the Toronto International film and Rotterdam International Film festivals.  An Old Dog’s Diary (2015), also co-directed with Shumona Goel, won the BFI London International Film Festival Short Film award and was screened widely. Heredia was the Programmer of the prestigious 65th Flaherty Seminar (NYC). She holds an MA in documentary film from Goldsmiths College, London. She has been a grant maker with India Foundation for the Arts where she set up the Arts Practice and Curatorship funding programmes. Heredia teaches at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore.

Co-Facilitator: Kurush Canteenwala

Artist's Note 

I think that Experimenta was very much a sign of the times of people kind of evolving with technology, kind of opening up to different forms and different art practices

Student Reflections 

The thing I love most about experimental films is that they need not provoke the same kind of emotions in every person sitting in the audience as conventional cinema does. I loved the emotional roller coasters these films provoked. This class made me understand the importance of archiving these films for easy access to people.

A few weeks of rigorous watching, understanding and analysing made me get in the routine of studying experimental films, and understanding curation programs for them too. Being exposed to a large international film festival for many days on end made me realise the vast difference between watching on a small and a large screen.

As a film student who has watched several films, watching experimental films was a whole new experience. It broadened my perspective towards understanding the various elements used in making films. The festival gave me the pleasure of watching films on a big screen with a crowd that I was unfamiliar with but shared the same love for cinema.


Balachandran Rashi, G Deepika, Jaansi Dhulia, M R Abhiram, Rhea Ratna, Sohayainder Kaur, Tenvi Anand, V Smrithi, Walunj Vaishnavi Balasaheb, Zoheb Zakeer

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