About the Project

Conceived as a lab, “Dis-Locations” proposes experiments with nonfiction film practices around de-stabilizing ideas of place and form. Through disassociation and disjoints, the team works with the idea of using disruptions as a means to formulate new connections, hence moving away from usual ideas of representation. Through a series of exhibits, the team invites the audience to re-consider place and form and our relationship with its possibilities.


Priya Sen

Priya Sen is a New Delhi-based filmmaker and artist who works with nonfiction and experimental forms across film /video, sound and installation. Sen’s work has screened at festivals and venues including The Kitchen NYC; BFI London Film Festival; BlackStar Film Festival, Philadelphia; Forum Expanded Berlinale; and Experimenta International Festival of Moving Image Art. She was a featured filmmaker at the 65th Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, 2019. Sen's current work has been exploring egalitarian and itinerant forms with film and sound. 

Co-Facilitator: Ina Kaur

Student Reflections 

This class has proven to be a precursor of somewhat to the realm of experimental film for me, my experience with experimental film being close to null, both watching and attempting to create. Priya showed us a few good examples to experimental film including a few of her own. This gave us a little bit of a stressor to go out and shoot our own. This class in reflection was though minimal and lacked apt structure proved to be a great first exposure to experimental film.  



Aashti Kazmi, Aniket Subhash Patwardhan, Anuvrat Dahiya, Apoorva Bharadwaj, Benjamin Ashitosh Samuel, Bhomeshwari Hiran, Deeksha Tulshan, Madhav Jolly, Malavika Suresh, Mriganka Singh, Neil Mukherjee, Raja Daniyal Khan, Sarah Ansari, Tarini Khanna, Vrushodh S Subramanian

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