About the Project

Cecilia’ed is a project that aims to promote safety for women in public spaces. Cecilia’ed conducts workshops, projects and art interventions all over Bangalore. Come and be a part of this project.  In partnership with BMRCL, Art in Transit, FICA and Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, they are creating two murals. One is a poem about women’s empowerment by Nemichandra who is a feminist writer from Vijayanagar. The other mural is a comic strip made by the students of Srishti featuring a superhero called Cecilia from Bangalore, who fights for crimes against women.


Indu Antony

Indu Antony is an artist based out of Bangalore and Kerala, India. Born and raised in a conventional Indian family, she overcame various social obligations to pursue her forms of expressions. She has hence been working with individuals from the fringes of the society. She is known to explore tonalities of inward discussions which later on bursts out into the communal spaces. Her work primarily revolves around the notion of spaces and their intangible character in relation to the gendered body as a site of representation by understanding feminist stands which give way to performances and installations. Indu Antony has participated in several group exhibitions including the Serendipity Arts Festival, 2018; Kochi-Muziris Biennale (Collateral), 2018-19; Foto Fest Biennale, Houston, 2018; Queer Asia Photo Exhibition, London, 2017 and Photo Kathmandu, Nepal, 2015. She won the Toto funds Award for photography in 2011. 

Co-Facilitator: Madhuri Rao

Artist's Note 

Change happens through constant conversation, constantly hitting the nail on the wall to slowly move inside. A long-term conversation and community effort, have to keep continuing slowly to see changes. Every day is a learning process, hearing different stories and people having different things to say. It’s interesting to see students coming up with interesting ideas and bonding to the character of Cecilia, looking at her as a gender disruptor and Bangalore's first ever superhero to be out there.


Aditi Lokhande, Anushka Bhargava, Nandini Shankar, Navya Choyal, Priyakshi Saikia, Radhika Timir Shah, Ritika Shelly Panattu

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