Portraits of Erosion

“Uncertain to certain, visible to invisible, Portrait of Erosion helped me explore the unseen layers of stories and history that can be accrued over time behind every unique piece of photography” -Saumya   “Traveling is inherently a trans-formative experience. Seeing new sights, eating new foods, fumbling to communicate in a language — these are all features […]

Blr Walk Festival

“I’ve never been in the middle of organizing an event before. It seemed too far-fetched but once it’s put to task it gets achievable. Very excited to see how this pans out!” -Katharine B.   “Bringing in so many people and creating an event, managing the space and crafting experiences for them is huge! Hope […]


“It aims to create evocative experiences using sound, along with dynamic screens. Not only have we been observing sounds and making sounds, but also pushing our definitions of what a screen is and what it can do. A day in this class sees a lot of playful experimentation with materials, light, movements and foley.” -Shriya […]

Grounded Memories

“Using maps as a canvas to explore the subjective nature of cartography- in this class, through a deconstruction of what a map is, and exploring the possibilities of what it could be, we learnt the power of maps over today’s geographical and social structures. With these in mind, an attempt to recreate this dynamic through […]

How are you?

“It feels like we’re swimming in words, of someone else but yet ours. We’re making up stories, listening to new emotions, and looking at people from a lens that was unknown before. It’s almost like pulling ourselves into realities that seem like fiction.” -Anjali M.

Still Standing

“I never expected to attain such a remarkable amount of stillness, not only physical but also mental in such less time. Shabari Rao and her assistant Noor have done a great job of helping us experience this process in such a simple way.” -Ilhaam H.   “It initially forced me to streamline my thoughts and […]


“We are learning to embody critical situations. The movements that we learn in class enable us to make quick decisions based on our reflexes.” -Charan R.   “We have been improvising in our movements form simpler ones to more complex ones. In this process we, our confidence has increased and we have shed our awkwardness […]


“Since I took this course without any expectations at all, it was intense experience for me. It was so much about letting yourself be seen and showing your vulnerable side. Through the process I learnt to let the other person enter my personal space and it almost felt like I hadn’t just met them but […]


“My class is about movements and also connecting your memories with movement. I find this really helpful as I get to explore what my body is capable of.” – Rhebsa E. “The process has proven to be challenging, but I wouldn’t have it any other way since a challenge is the best way for me […]


“This course has made me feel more confident and comfortable with my body. I feel like I’m growing not just as a performer but also as a person. A few discussions that took place in class have made me realise how important it is to embrace everything that you feel, even if it’s negative. The discussions have […]

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