Festival Of Ideas

Revolving around the theme of ecology, sustainability and art-science practices, the Festival Of Ideas is a design space that aims to bring out the systems and interactions that are hidden from our everyday perception. It is a series of exhibitions, installations, live art, photography, walks in the city and more, led by contemporary artists and their practices from all over the world ranging from pure fine arts, traditional craft and art practices, installations using new and old media, community participatory arts, art intervention in public places, sound art, poetry and public art and pedagogy. They do so in collaboration with the Third Year students of the Undergraduate Professional Program from Srishti.

The idea is to work with emerging themes, materials and medium and interventional contemporary methods to work with self, communities and current local & global issues. There are a total of 15 projects curated across the Rangoli Art Metro Centre, Bangalore.

The Program :

From to You                     

“From to You” is an art project through which participants aim to develop individual or collaborative interdisciplinary works with letters as their source of inspiration. The design challenge is to deconstruct the components of these original letters, including form, language, content, writing, family, history and identity and turn them into interdisciplinary works using a diverse choice in media.

Listening with the Feet            

“Listening with the feet” aims at creating text and visual scores for sound-making, based on listening exercises and sound-walks. Through this project, participating students have attempted to change the experience of an environment through sound, examining which sounds disturb, soothe, subvert, create associations and memories in an observer.

Forget Gold - Invest in Water

What we think of as ‘photographic’ exceeds the narrow idea of photography as defined by the use of a camera and 'being in the right place at the right time'. Images can manifest in so many ways that materially, they may have very little in common. Throughout this project, participants aim to examine how artistic choices regarding medium or technique can be brought to bear on the themes and ideas suggested by the title.

Mapping the Climate
We are exploring the water crisis in Bangalore and developing problem-solving strategies making collaborative sensory maps of the city, making site visits, and thinking about the future. Students are negotiating a shared space, whilst developing awareness of all the senses as a way of encouraging people to connect with their environment and therefore take part in caring about the lakes and the water which is so vital for their future. Only a generation ago, Bangalore had over 900 lakes (reservoirs) providing clean drinking water to the population. Today there less that 100. Our final presentation resulted into a transdisciplinary performance.
Manuals for Urban Magic 
The urban landscape is rich with everyday practices of magic. Making a living with a sleight of hand, trusting strangers (or fooling them), creating wonders out of nothing (digitally or analog). We are all endowed with magic powers : miracles, magic and the power of prophecy are talents we share. All of us are enchanters, masters, mistresses & creators of our perceptions. As constructivist theories have taught us, Manuals for Urban Magic researches some of these magical practices and adds a few of our own. Employing the fun, wit and tricks of classical magicians like the great PC Sorcar. Would you like to disappear in plain sight? Walk the streets under hypnosis? Or what happens if the Lady cut in half starts talking back to you? 
Take a look into our manual and Bangalore will never look the same to you...Guaranteed!
Portraits of Erosion            

“Invisible” layers form the landscapes around us; it is the history, scenery, people and habit, eroded or lost in the flow of time across various contexts. 16 students from Srishti researched such landscapes across two cities of Bangalore and Chennai. Contexts of architecture in colonial era, a textile factory, graffiti on the walls of train stations etc. were some of the locations chosen to enable dialogue between the two cities and their similarities. Jun Homma uses portraits as a medium to explore these invisible elements of various contexts through photography and print. The portraits will be exhibited in both cities, thus themselves becoming a part of the layer of landscape acting as a catalyst that connects the past and the present, distances between the both cities.

Grounded Memories

Making sense of the world forces us to codify the world  in our terms, so that the world is made acceptable to our cultural, social, political and ideological needs. Mapping is one way of sense-making, and that's exactly what we have done in these works. Maps show us what's important to us, what we choose to symbolise and what we don’t. They are accurate to the point that they supplement the distance between the perceived truths of a place and the knowledge we have about that place. In this project, we have tried to map Bengaluru from our own vantage points and perspectives, at times mapping our own selves.   

The Vernal Equinox

In this project for Srishti, participants have used the human breath as an interactive element to create a digital experience and physical installation to explore inhalation and exhalation as tools to understand our emotional state of being. Using meditation techniques and the visual tropes associated with calming the mind, her project attempts to escape one reality and enter into another by creating new narratives around spiritual capitalism that use sound, smoke, structural form and moving image. 


Through this project, the participant students aim to ecologically map one’s own immediate surrounding, both in terms of artistic practice as well ecological intervention. The intention of this workshop is to make the participants trace their sources for visual representation from their immediate ecological surroundings and develop their work. The workshop shall encourage them to experience, interact and create art that could bring in a connection between nature and culture.

Liquid (Water) Body

The aim of this project is to explore the movement in a liquid body in all its manifestation just like water has been an important element in the alchemy that is evident in all manifestation of the state, be it liquid, solid or gas. The participants aim to learn to reciprocate movements in a human body and how it connects the individual to society, nature and earth. Over the course of this interim, students will activate and improve their understanding of the body as a medium to express thoughts both, conceptually and physically.

Lake of Change

With the overall state of the environment in and around Bangalore being threatened by economic interests and a very questionable growth, the only key to change is raising environmental awareness and offering spaces for creative, sustainable and functional solutions. Art and culture has played a significant role as an accelerator for this change, and so, the participant students will rely on the ability to reach out to people on all levels and provide new ways of becoming aware, seeing the problem, devise and develop innovative solutions.

Expressive Objects

In future, people will see emotions in complex machines and since these machines will overpower today’s simple machines, the designers of today are required to lay a sound foundation for the way it expresses. Making machines look like people isn't the only way to enable this since the effective attribution of emotion hinges more on behaviour than appearance. Through this project, the participants aim to build their understanding of emotions, how they are formed, communicated and perceived in order to design simple objects that seem emotional to us.

Unravelling Urban Ecology on Foot                            

How much can we learn about a city's ecology by walking and observing? Through this project, the participating students will familiarise themselves with the city’s green spaces, the greens in the built spaces and exploring the city’s ecosystems by walking, documenting, scavenging and creating. This will be done in an attempt to spark a basic love for plants and their relationship with the world around. The students also aim to curate experiences and facilitate systems to improve lives around us.

From Interior Textiles to Artistic Decoration in Public Spaces

From a praxis of interior textiles directed to a group of both private and professional clients to an artistic practice with a highly personal statement and perhaps even activism involved in both process and execution, the project solely focuses on one cultural setting or in a merger of two or more, to create individual decorations or co-work in groups.

(Mobile Aural Observation Station)

MAOS 3 (Mobile Aural Observation Station 3) is a performative installation which uses live and recorded sound to guide the audience through a moving textile sculpture and, on the way, encountering the mysterious and magical relationships between the visible and the heard.

Blr Walk Festival

“Blr Walk Festival” is a curated walk festival that brings together a vast spectrum of guided walks in the city. This festival is a way for us to know the city a little better, a little more intimately as well as meet the people who make the city special. The project has showcased walks that explore Bangalore's ecology, architecture, sounds, smells, food, history and fiction.

Meet the Artists :

Paul Wong
Project : From to You                       

Paul Wong is an award-winning artist, curator, and organiser of public interventions since the mid-1970s, Known for his engagement with issues of race, sex, and death, Wong’s work varies from conceptual performances to narratives, meshing video, photography, installation, and performance. For over three decades, he has played an integral role in the Canadian arts community, serving as both pioneer and mentor in the field of media arts. Wong uses the camera to explore performance, conceptual video, experimental narrative and documentary and has created a voice for non-exclusive video practices that distinctly put ordinary people behind and in front of the camera, through his work.

Viv Corringham
Project : Listening with the Feet

Viv Corringham is a British vocalist, sound artist and composer who holds an MA in Sonic Art and a teaching certificate in Pauline Oliveros’Deep Listening practice from the Deep Listening Foundation. Her interest lies in exploring people’s special relationship with familiar places and how that links to personal history, memory and associations. She facilitates workshops in Deep Listening and sounding, most recently in Hong Kong and Manila. Her work includes concerts, sound-walks and installations, exploring people's sense of place and the link with personal history and memory. She received two Composer Fellowships from McKnight Foundation, through American Composers Forum, and many grants and awards.

Allan Forrester Parker
Project : Forget Gold - Invest in Water

Allan Parker is an artist and designer based in London. He has a degree in Fine Arts from The University of Reading and a PG Dip (Distinction) from Central Saint Martin College of Art, London. In addition to producing his own films, books and artworks he also curates photographic exhibitions and installations at independent and public galleries as well as producing commissioned video, photography and print design, including self-published and commercially published books. Curator of the exhibition ‘Material Light’ hosted at the Srishti Outpost in Kochi, Kerala, a collateral event of the Kochi Muziris Biennale.

Laura Denning                     
Project : #ethnohydro - Mapping the Climate

Laura Denning is a UK based artist working nationally and internationally, through commissions, residencies and installations. Current work uses experimental geography/performative ethnography, to explore ideas through participatory and collaborative practice to create new work. The practice often includes moving image and sound, using field recordings as the basis for short films, sonic works and installations. Mark making through print and drawing remain integral to developmental processes.


Project : Manuals for Urban Magic

matthaei&pfeifer have been collaborating on various projects in Berlin, Vienna, Arizona and other places. Multi-disciplinary in practice, they share a background in performing arts, literature, philosophy and political science. They primarily work with performative interventions, installations, sound, video, and text. As an artist duo matthaei&pfeifer have developed and realized various projects e.g. COOP 3000 – The Foundation of a Neo-Solidarity Corporation (2016/17) with Urbane Künste RuhrThe Confederacy of Idiots (2016) at sophiensaele Berlin, for which the performers appropriated various "idiotic" practices. Followed by a class „Idiocy & Resistance“ at the vienna poetry school (2017). In Tucson, AZ they‘ve developed Desert Utopias (2018-19) a radio piece for Kunstradio/Ö1wie man sehen wird, a radiophonic art project, made the short-list for the competition Track 5 on Ö1, the Austrian broadcasting company. The practice of matthaei&pfeifer responds to contemporary urban issues –  often with a subversive message and their own humorous twist.

Jun Homma                          
Project : Portraits of Erosion                

Jun Homma graduated from Department of Design at Tama Art University and has made site-specific works by incorporating natural elements, such as water, wind, light, scenery, etc. that are in constant change. His artistic practice has continued to explore relations between invisibility and nature, time, society, developing into different mediums and forms like installations, sculpture, video works.

Jagath Weerasinghee
Project : Grounded Memories

Jagath Weerasinghe is a Sri Lankan contemporary artist and archaeologist. Weerasinghe has been a significant driving force in the development of Sri Lankan art since the early 1990s. His work has always been about the idea of violence and desolation in their widest sense. He has often been amazed, puzzled and frustrated by our capacity for violence and our propensity for justifying violence by invoking some form of celestial or divine moralities and virtues. He has often dealt with these emotions in his art, with metaphors taken from archaeology, history – in short from heritage and from everyday life.

Candice Jacobs
Project : The Vernal Equinox 

Candice Jacobs is an artist and lecturer currently based in London. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across the UK & Europe including the 56th Venice Biennale, FACT Liverpool, Nottingham Contemporary and Seventeen Gallery, London; in addition to exhibitions, art fairs and residencies in Stockholm, Vienna, Mexico City and Sri Lanka.
Her practice explores how our sense of self is shaped by language and the constructed realities that sit within external spheres of global influence, contemporary capitalist frameworks and political modes of control.  She uses people, places, objects, sounds, images, video and words to construct performance, sculpture, and multi media installations, online works, neon & 3D printed sculpture. She works as an Associate Lecturer of Fine Art at Central St Martins and Chelsea School of Art in London.  And over the past 14 years she has co-founded and directed a number of artist studios, galleries, project spaces and festivals in Nottingham where she is also an Associate Lecturer of Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University.

Project : Roots🔁Routes 

Surekha is a contemporary Indian video artist whose works showcase themes including identity and feminism/ecology. She has been practicing art since 1996. Her works are known for the mix of video and physical presence, highlighting inherent experiences. Surekha has been exploring the possibilities of the video form, negotiating the public and private, locating the body as a site of contestation and appropriation. Since 2001, she has been exhibiting her works both in India and many international venues, museums, biennales and many curated shows. Surekha explores through installations, video & photography since the last two decades. Her works investigate how visuality can engage with gender/ ecology/socio-political aesthetics, for public and private spaces. She uses photography and video to archive, document and performance.

Dimple B. Shah                              
Project : Liquid (Water) Body

Dimple B Shah is a multidisciplinary artist from Bangalore practicing painting, printmaking, installation and performance art. She blends these mediums into an interdisciplinary language. She aims at activating and improving understanding of ‘body’ as means to express thoughts both conceptually and physically. Currently she is focusing on developing printmaking and Live Performance Art along with community based performance projects.

Joy Lohmann & Benedikt Schlunds
Project : Lake of Change

Joy Lohmann is a German designer, street artist and activist. Since 1997 he works on the subject of floating islands in the fields of art and culture, education, urban gardening and energy. Together with the "makers4humanity" collective, he has developed an open-source system for up-cycled floating platforms. These "Open-Islands" are ready for massive dissemination, which starts in Bangalore now with the "Lake-of-Change" project.

Benedikt Schlunds is a passionate thinker, artist and progressive planner. His worldwide expeditions and studies of landscape architecture and environmental planning have formed his interest in people, the environment and the future of this world. He has dedicated himself to a communal, sustainable and creative global development, with a major movement happening in Bangalore with the "Lake-of-Change" project.
Shobhan R.                                 
Project : Expressive Objects

Shobhan is a communication designer involved with words, paper, screens, software, electronics, wood, space, light and time. This allows him to work collaboratively, cut across disciplines, and contribute at every stage of the design process (from research and prototyping to design, engineering and production). Building on work with an art group, ‘Random International’ which runs a collaborative studio for experimental practice within contemporary art and at royal college of art, Shobhan brings to Srishti his curiosity in the human-robot interaction: “I wonder, how will machines share emotions with humans?”

Kush Sethi                                   
Project : Unravelling Urban Ecology on Foot                                       

Kush Sethi formally trained in Chemistry, transitioned into Urban Ecology. He mapped and documented the Delhi Ridge – specifically observing existing land use and forest management practices against officially reported institutional claims. To encourage public participation, he began exploring guided walking tours as a potential outreach tool. Kush also worked part time on digital outreach for art and ecology projects - Delhi Walk Festival, India Rivers Week and Khoj International Artists Association. In 2017, he founded an independent practice -hara|me, to design urban landscapes & conduct nature-based walking tours focusing on urban ecosystems, design and participatory knowledge creation.

Ruth Fabricius & Jesper Gundersen
Project : From Interior Textiles to Artistic Decoration in Public Spaces

Ruth Fabricius studied as a textile designer at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Design and Conservation, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Jesper Gundersen educated as a fashion designer at VIA University College, Herning, Denmark.
They individually engaged in various Art, Design and Performance groups in Copenhagen, before they together formed Kurage as a platform for their different activities. This platform includes art & design work, such as textile design, fashion, graphic and industrial design, interior design and mural decorations. Their key source of inspiration includes ideas taken from everyday life and the tools include drawing, photography, simple graphic & textile techniques.

Cathryn Lane & Tessa Brown
Project : MAOS 3 (Mobile Aural Observation Station)                      

Cathy Lane from London, UK is a composer, sound artist, author and academic. Her work uses spoken word, field recordings and archive material to explore aspects of our listening relationships with each other and the multiverse. She is currently focused on how sound relates to the past, our histories, environment and our collective and individual memories from a feminist perspective. Aspects of her creative practice have developed out of these interests and include composition and installation-based work.

Tessa Brown is an artist, maker and designer. Her work explores the potential of cloth to mediate and transform our experience of particular places, phenomena, and even each other. With a background in bespoke garment making, Tessa embraces the contradictory qualities of cloth to both conceal and project, creating dynamic pulley-operated floating structures, screens and curtains, that invite play and participation. In 2015 her project Changing Room received a gold medal In the London Design Awards.
Cathy Lane and Tessa Brown collaborate under the name of Auricula.

Aastha Chauhan
Project : Blr Walk Festival

Aastha Chauhan specialised in sculpture both for her B.F.A, completed at the Government College of Art in Chandigarh, and her M.F.A. at New Delhi College of Art. Aastha is a cultural activist and her projects explore art's role within the public sphere. Her projects are collaborative, multidisciplinary in nature and mostly self-funded / self-sustained long term engagements. Aastha currently works at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology Bangalore.
Aastha's practice is rooted in the urban village of Khirkee in Delhi where she has worked for a decade on projects ranging from an independent zero budget street art festival to projects focusing on urban design and redevelopment. She is also interested in micro broadcasting. Aastha has been awarded the INLAKS scholarship and her socially engaged art projects have been supported by the Norwegian Embassy, British Council and many more.

Dates and Timings :

Venue :

8th - 9th December 2018 : Installation in Progress and Artist Interaction 

10th - 12th December 2018 : Exhibition

11 am to 7 pm all days!

Rangoli Metro Art Center, 
Metro Station, Beside, MG Road, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560001

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