Srishti Live 2017

An Exposition of Performances & Contemporary Art Practices

The 9th Annual Interim "Srishti Live 2017” will demonstrate the elegant and inventive blurring of lines that divide art and science, humanities and design, performance and philosophy, digital and handmade and imagination and reality.

Over the past two weeks, students at Srishti have been collaborating with artists from across the world on multiple contemporary art practices and performances that range from the experimental to the cutting edge. At Srishti Live 2017, you get to experience the outcome of these amazing confluences that stretches our very understanding and definitions of art.

14th to 17th Dec, 2017



Festival of Performances

This year’s Festival of Performance is built around three key ideas of Identity, gender, and violence. Body is the central site and tool of investigation: the body is both the site of violation and the agent in the violence. The body is also the primary instrument in performance and therefor investigation that is based in the body can find appropriate expression through performance. The diverse group of international and Indian artists have interpreted and appropriated these themes in an array of experimental and innovative performances. Many of these projects are research intensive, many are collaborative and dialogical. Rasa theory, gendered violence in cyber-space, ontology of the senses from the point of view of a bat; nothing is off-limit.

Festival of Ideas

This year’s festival of idea revolves around the themes of ecology, sustainability, and art-science practice. The aim of all these projects is to bring out relations and systems that are hidden from our everyday perception. Playful investigations into the mystery to human-nature interaction and material exploration lie at the heart of these projects. Many artists have chosen to work in the context of the urban ecology in Bangalore. Artists are working collaboratively with students and local communities. They are engaging in mechanical intervention into natural systems, construction of eco-pod, inquiry into traditional textile and weaving among other projects.

Visiting Artists