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School of Advanced Studies and Research (SASR)

Looking Beyond - Confluence of Art and Design

National Seminar on Art and Design at the Department of Fine Arts, Stella Maris College.

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Srivi Kalyan presented her work in art and design over the years throughout the lens of 'Porosity and Transdisciplinarity' showcasing the diversity of her work in education, educational design, social and environmental design, art, writing, bookmaking, children's books and others and discussing how it is possible to cross disciplinary boundaries to create new paradigms of thought and work.

Srivi Kalyan's chapter "Creativity as Intrinsic Ecological Consciousness" is published in Art, ecojustice, and education: intersecting theories and practices. Edited by Raisa Foster, Jussi P. Mäkelä, and Rebecca A. Martusewicz. Srivi's chapter discusses notions of cultural creativity and in a practice-based approach inquires into intrinsic ecological consciousness through her poetry.

School of Advanced Studies and Research (SASR)