Memory of Salt, Memory of Turtles

India’s coastal cities have a rich natural and cultural diversity. But these regions are in a state of flux today,
due to habitat loss, rising levels of pollutants, over exploitation of fisheries and interference with water flows.

Film students chose to immerse themselves in the relationship between the local communities, economic activities and the coastal ecosystem.

Students worked on two themes and locations. 1) Memory of Salt: West Coast of India, Little Rann of Kutch salt industry and ‘banni’ grasslands and 2) Memory of Turtles: East Coast of India, Rushikulya, on the Odisha coast, one of the two major mass-nesting beaches for Turtles in India.

The outcome of the project was six films on themes as diverse as buildings and memory, birth and death, art and the environment, communities and conservation and a handmade, embroidered book exploring the narratives of Calcutta women married in Banni

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