Extreme Places, Extended Senses

The Attadu Labstudio hopes to transform the laboratory into a studio and the studio into a laboratory.

What does ‘extended senses’ mean? What is an ‘extreme place’? How can extreme environments extend our senses and stoke our creativity? This project explores ways of extending our senses to make new meanings and perceptions of our environment in the context of science.

The challenge presented to the students was to design a D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) or D.I.W.O (Do It With Others) mobile lab studio that could help young adults to understand and experience the complexities of our environment by engaging with simple scientific tools. The outcome of the project is the ATTADU LABSTUDIO (Attadu in kannada means play). The project incorporates the playfulness that scientists and artists bring to their work and will hopefully inspire young adults to become spirited explorers of their environments. Attadu is a framework that consists of online forums and instructions, micro-controllers and sensors designed by students.

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