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Illustration – Pathway for Graphic Arts and Design Practices

“An imperfect creative expression is much more sensible and creative than a grammatically perfect expression without an iota of sense and value in it.”
- Michael Bassey Johnson


Illustration is one of the oldest art-form to visualize ideas and communicate complex information through visuals. Contemporary illustration includes hand-drawn and printed as well as digitally produced images that use variety of media and methods to arrive at the desired visual.

Visual story-telling and constructing imaginative visual narratives is one of the primary skill developed in this pathway. Apart from this, interpretation and visual explanation of a text, concept or process, is taught and developed as the core skill.

The abilities of our Illustration graduates are desired in numerous industries – education, music, entertainment, fashion, publishing, media, science, medicine, literature, children’s literature and marketing to name a few.

The course enables blended learning of print-based and digital mediums and covers Drawing, Character Design, Sequential Narratives, Creative Imaging, Story Telling, Print & Digital, Visual Culture, Symbolism and builds capabilities to be technically sound and visually skillful.

What you will learn

In year 1 you will learn to apply basic knowledge of the elements of design (Type, Colour, Layout, Imaging) and, understand and employ principles of Gestalt in creating simple print based communication material that combines text and illustration. Develop a range of drawing and imaging techniques, keeping in mind principles of cognition and perception. You will learn to use principles of Basic Typography to enhance the interaction of text and images. You will also learn to use industry standard computer software to visualize, layout, and manipulate text and visual content. In addition, you will learn to make decisions to appropriately edit from a collection of good works and document these projects through your own portfolio website and blog.

In year 2 you will understand and learn to work with various printmaking and production techniques to realize artistic as well as communicative ideas. You will develop logical thinking, problem-solving ability and understand user needs through employment of design research and design processes. Learn to apply illustration/creative imaging to enhance communication, aesthetics, behaviour and visual perception of a brand. You will become proficient in industry standard computer software to visualize, realize ideas, illustrate, create imaginative layouts; manipulate text and visual content for print as well as screen based designs. Learn to make decisions to appropriately edit from a collection of good works and document these projects through your own portfolio website and blog. You will also develop the abilities to work with the industry as an intern.

In year 3 you will have the abilities to conceptualize and execute a creative brief through proficiency in ideation, research, visualization, execution, communication and presentation. You will demonstrate the capability to work independently on a wide range of projects requiring illustration as the primary mode of communication. You will develop a professional portfolio that documents wide range of illustration based projects for print and screen.


Course Coordinator

Ravindra Gutta


Course Manager

Jayesh Sivan



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