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Visual Effects – Pathway for Digital Media Production

“If a shot is done well, nobody even notices it, but that’s the whole point.” - Anonymous


Stills from students’ visual effects short films and its making



The Visual Effects pathway aims to develop technical and creative competency in individuals who can generate industry standard manipulated moving image. They will engage in a comprehensive VFX skills training that covers the several aspects of film production and post production. This is a unique opportunity for collaborating and getting a broad perspective on the film making process through key crossovers with the Digital Film Making course. VFX, within the interdisciplinary environment at Srishti, allows for extending known boundaries of manipulated moving image and nurturing imagination and creativity.


Stills from students’ visual effects short films and its making


What you will learn

In year 1 you will acquire understanding of elements of visual effects along with fundamentals of manipulated image making. You will get hands-on training on moving image using various techniques of pre-production such as story-boarding, pre-viz along with motion graphics, rotoscopy, greenscreen camera work and 2D compositing using industry standard compositing software. Industry exposure will introduce you to work ethics, work culture and the way specific industry sector works with respect to production pipeline, technologies used, team and collaborative work practices.

In year 2 you will gain advanced working knowledge of industry standard technical 3D and compositing software. Your will learn and gain expertise in 3D dynamics and simulations replicating real world phenomenon, set extensions, animation and compositing at an advanced level. Industry apprenticeship will allow you to put to practice some of your learning in an actual industry environment.

In year 3 you will work in an industry setup and gain practical skills in a specific role. You will have scope to find an area of interest and gain expertise. In the graduating capstone you will formulate and execute a visual effects project following processes of pre-production, production and post-production. This will help you develop investigative thinking, project management skills and work on an area of interest within visual effects to gain specialised skills.


Stills from students’ visual effects short films and its making


Stills from students’ visual effects short films and its making


Course Manager

Siddharth Mandavgane



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