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Direction and Editing – Pathway for Digital Filmmaking

“The cinema implies a total inversion of values, a complete upheaval of optics, of perspective and logic. It is more exciting than phosphorus, more captivating than love.” - Anton Artaud




The Direction and Editing pathway is envisioned to create technically competent directors, who are reflective and critical about their practice. The course develops students to understand the tasks of the director within the different genres of filmmaking. This pathway offers the student a second skill – ‘Editing’ that will give them an added advantage in the industry. The course gives opportunities for students to explore the directorial and structural aspects of different genres of filmmaking through making.


Exit Criteria


At the end of year 1 students will:

  • Acquire a holistic understanding of the larger filmic production process
  • Interpret the history of the moving image and sound
  • Apply various technical and creative elements of film practice at an introductory level across the domains of direction, cinematography, sound, editing, screenplay writing and production
  • Manage the roles and duties of a production crew in terms of co-ordination, delegation and task breakup


At the end of year 2 students will:

  • Develop stories across different genres using the codes of narrative construction
  • Model core directorial/editing tools and techniques to construct a narrative
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the editing process
  • Draw from different acting techniques to mould and direct actors
  • Construct relationships between lens, space, time and movement to tell a story


At the end of year 3 students will:

  • Be proficient in the ideation, research, scripting, visualization & realization of projects across different genres of media and delivery formats
  • Consolidate key directorial/editing notions through working in real world projects
  • Demonstrate capability to work independently on a wide range of complex film projects




Direction and Editing - Employment Opportunities

After 1st year

3rd Assistant Director/ News Reporter/ Assist in the editing process

After 2nd year

2nd Assistant Director / Assistant Editor / Editor non-fiction project/ short film/corporate films/ad films

After 3rd year

1st Assistant Director on Feature / Direct Independent Films/ Direct Documentary/ 1st Assistant Editor on features/ Editor on independent Films/ Documentary