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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works - Steve Jobs

Students working on building a personal storage unit for their electronics – using plywood, Photo Courtesy: Samir Parker


India is rapidly building its infrastructure and spaces, which can improve the quality of life. This has increased the demand for trained professionals who can help design and build spaces quickly and efficiently. The Design and Build Interiors program at Srishti, aims to focus on technical know-how, material grounding through exposure to the practice and opportunities for creative exploration and development.

Across the world, education is moving beyond the conventional means to more advanced vocational qualifications that provide the skills needed in technical and professional jobs. This program goes beyond imparting the skills, to see a project from conception to completion. It aims to create designers with a heart and soul, who will be able to strike the balance between passion and efficiency to positively impact the society and the environment.

Students working scaled study models using paper and foam board, photo Courtesy: Samir Parker


Through various learning opportunities the program will inculcate in the learner aspects of spatial design and details of construction. Through an apprenticeship system of learning one gets to develop the understanding of a particular trade with a focus on the artistic quality of a craft or a skill.

The program provides for the holistic development of a design professionals who are capable of both engaging with traditional craftsman and providing a client with an appropriate, efficient and economical service.

Graduates from this program will be able to design interior spaces across a range of market requirements and execute their construction in the most efficient manner.

Vocational Practice

The Design-Build method is a systematic approach to a project in which the entire process of design and construction is streamlined and undertaken by a single entity. Through classroom and workshop learning, the program will explore new innovations that are changing the face of the design-build interiors. 3D-printing technology and prefabricated interiors will help learners to develop the ability to integrate technology, skill and technique into the practice.

Final student work from material workshop – knock down products made without any use of hardware or adhesives, photo courtesy – Samir Parker

Learning Approach

The program structure for the three-year technical program comprises of a number of learning modalities:
Theory: master classes, appreciation, lecture-demos, readings
Tutorials: mentoring in studios, can include projects
Practical: workshops, labs
Portfolio: building of a curated collection of work
Seminar: working towards the articulation of a position and a piece of work with industry participation and a curated theme- alternative to interim
Exposure- industry visits, trade shows, festivals, conferences,
Apprenticeships -working in a professionally mentored environment
Industry Experience - working in industry assignment in their environment
Independent Study: blended and/or distance/ e-learning, self study
Electives: General Knowledge and Education/ Language
Projects: industry/client based, diploma, fieldwork, site-specific projects

Exit Criteria


In YEAR 1, the focus is on a thorough understanding of basics of space, layouts and materials with the skills to observe, record & represent accurately.
Semester one will provide inputs in fundamentals of space making, design process and principal interior materials.
Semester two will provide inputs in technical conventions, software and basic interior services.


In YEAR 2, the focus is on the range of spatial requirements and interior services with the skills to coordinate and plan efficiently.
Semester one will provide inputs in the design and detailing of spaces and furniture with regard to user requirements.
Semester two will provide inputs on incorporating the design of spaces and services for the design-build process.


In YEAR 3, the focus is on the implementation of ideas through the entire design-build process with the skills to manage sites and resources professionally.
Semester one will provide inputs in systems, lighting, technology and special user requirements.
Semester two will be a single capstone project with all aspects of design-build process.



Employment Opportunities

After 3rd year


Interior Design consultant, turnkey design-build entrepreneur, Project Management for construction company


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