Research Assistants

Catalina Alzate:
Catalina is a researcher trained in design and development studies. Catalina’s practice is predominantly rooted at the intersection between social sciences (especially microeconomics) with participatory processes and technology de-construction at the community level. Her professional experience has been mostly based in Colombia, where she has been involved in a variety of projects regarding microfinance, critical currencies, collective decision-making and cooperation. Catalina is interested in using creative practices to problematize the social order and leverage altruistic interactions both in analog and digital scenarios. As a faculty at Srishti, Catalina is part of Information Arts and Information Design Practices (IAIDP).
Areas of Interests: knowledge commons, collective action, participation, and art activism.

Varun Ram Kurtkoti
Varun Kurtkoti is an artist, writer, and musician who always depended on observing to learn. He began his music training listening to and observing singers in baithaks, learnt the basics of fine arts by apprenticing with Artists, learnt learning by being a teacher for six months in an alternative school called Baalabalaga in Dharwad. He has worked as a coordinator for NGOs such as Deshpande Foundation and Vidyaposhak and was part of the rehabilitation team during the North Karnataka Floods in 2009. Varun studied Interdisciplinary art at Srishti and before that studied Physics at Karnataka University, Dharwad. Varun’s interest lies in how storytelling and the concept of money can be reinvented with the help of music, storytelling and visual art.
Varun is currently working on SSOCIETY, an opensource project that envisions creating self-sustaining artistic communities.
Areas of Interest: Creative writing; painting; music; performing arts; open source economies.

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