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Communication Biodiversity Animation Project

Your backyard holds undiscovered treasure!

THE HEROES PROJECT - Reviving Myths for Social Change.
The Biodiversity Storybook - Untold tales of the land where the sticker tree grows.

The Voices Project

Voices from the Khandadhar Hills

“The LEDLaboratory is set up to challenge existing legal, environmental, social, economic and cultural frameworks through interdisciplinary thinking and creativity.”


We embrace the complexity of socio-ecological issues, so everything we do is collaborative. Design is our creative interdisciplinary approach. Engage with us.


We believe in a practice-based approach. We think in teams, with empathy, mindfulness and reflection, constantly pushing boundaries. Come think with us.


We value openness and encourage dialogue. Through a participatory approach, the voice of people and environment is critical to catalyzing change. Listen to their stories.


We believe in a collective approach, using democracy and build consensus within our team, collaborators, as well as through community engagement. Partner with us.


  • > Social and ecological justice
  • > Culture & practices
  • > Sustainability & livelihoods
  • > Building adaptive capacity

  • > Strengthening socio-ecological relationships
  • > Building adaptive capacity
  • > Promote sustainability and build resilience
  • > Systemic approach to understanding landscapes

  • > Learning to deal with complexity
  • > Interdisciplinary learning and design as research
  • > Design tools/practices & design as a catalyst for change
  • > Hands-on approach and field experience

  • > Creating awareness across urban society
  • > Education through creative communication
  • > Promote public participation
  • > Enable change through active engagement