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Regulatory Information

1. Visa Information

  1. Once the official acceptance letter from Srishti is received, all foreign candidates must apply for a Student Visa at the nearest Indian embassy or consulate.
  2. Exact visa pre-requisites and processing time, must be checked with the Indian consulate or embassy of the respective country since the list of requirements may vary.
  3. Srishti will provide visa support but cannot guarantee visa approval. Visa approvals are left to the discretion of the Indian consulates in the applicants’ respective countries. Srishti is not responsible for a student visa rejection.

2. Residential Permit and Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO)

  1. Upon arrival in India, applicants must provide all requested information to the immigration authorities through the Foreign Students Information System and obtain a unique student identification number (FSIS). This number is essential for registration with the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO).
  2. All international applicants who arrive in India on a student visa must register at the Foreign Regional Registration Office, complete Form C (provided by the owners or managers of accomodation) and all other relevant documentation compulsory for foreigners residing in India.
  3. Foreign Regional Registration is done online: but the office reserves the right of inviting some candidates for a personal meeting.
  4. Registration with the Foreign Regional Registration Office must be done within 14 days of arrival; otherwise students will be expected to pay a fine.
  5. Once the Registration Permit is obtained, it will govern the period of stay and visa status of the student.
  6. Srishti is not responsible for any additional restrictions or regulations imposed by the Foreign Regional Registration Office.