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Academic Culture at Srishti

Srishti is a trans-disciplinary space of learning for both faculty and students, offering a broad spectrum of innovative and exciting opportunities that draw on local and global contexts to provide an education, which endeavours to be both relevant and timely. Srishti’s faculty provides valuable mentorship and encouragement to students within and without the classroom, fostering a culture of conversation and approachability with each individual. Our faculty, who are professionals and practitioners from diverse fields of expertise, are passionate about what they do and bring that wealth of experience and energy into both the teaching cum learning spaces and the institution itself too. Classroom learning happens in seminars, studios and workshop spaces, with an emphasis on hands-on work and making. However, the city itself and other spaces off campus often become the classroom, and these varied interactions become crucial to provide both context and inspiration for learning across disciplines. In-house workshop facilities are available and complement interaction with artists, designers and artisans, who work locally as well as visit from elsewhere. Such facilities become a part of the extended classroom and students learn to avail of such opportunities. When a cohort of students travel as a group to other towns or cities, regulations require both national and international students to get indemnity statements signed by a parents/guardians/spouses or any other relevant person and submit this to the Administrative Office prior to travel. International students are also encouraged to remain in contact with their embassies/consular offices at all times and thereby avail of any travel advisory that is circulated by them. The structure of learning at Srishti is formal, with morning sessions beginning at 9:00 am and the afternoon sessions at 1:00 pm. Students are expected to attend all classes punctually and have a minimum requirement of 80% attendance. All programs of study follow the Choice Based Credit System whereby students sign up for a minimum number of credits per semester and maintain a tight schedule. More information about Calendar and Semester Structure, Schedules, Choice and Navigation, Credits, Assessments, Grading and Evaluation, may be found at here >>