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FAQs - User Interface and Interaction Engineering

User Interface and Interaction Engineering is about designing for human-system interactions so that they are desirable, pleasurable, and engaging. Designing great interfaces and interactions for digital products and services makes the experiences compelling and meaningful to both users and businesses.

If you like to empathize with people, love to solve the problems they encounter while interacting with digital systems, then this course will engage you. If you like to apply creative, critical and analytical thinking to visualize and simplify complex information systems and are passionate about design, then you have the right inclination towards becoming an Interface and Interaction Designer.

Please download the prospectus on the course page to know about the learning units that will be taught in this course.

You will be able to wear multiple hats, as someone who ideates and conceptualizes or who is  technically capable to execute those ideas. You will work with product and services development teams that create cutting edge interfaces and interaction designs for digital products like Facebook, MakeMyTrip, Google Inbox, Pinterest, Instagram for mobile and web. Your role in the team will be to: ensure that current and future user needs are met; design delightful, useful and user friendly product interactions; test products so that they meet the users’ expectations, constraints and needs; research and develop new and innovative ways in which user interactions can be enriched.

Graduates of this course will be able to contribute in the areas of interaction and user-interface design at numerous MNCs, startups, R&D centres across India and abroad, involved in developing technology-based products, interfaces and services. Possible job titles can include User Interface Designer, Front-End Developer, Web Designer, and Mobile App Designer.

This course will also open avenues for higher education in art, technology and design.

Please visit the User Interface and Interaction Engineering webpage to learn about the different employment opportunities after each year.