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FAQs - Interior Design and Build

Interior Design and Build is an approach by which the entire design and construction of interior space is understood holistically. It will develop the ability to see the progression of the project from its concept stage to its delivery, ensuring a competitive edge in the field. Every stage of the process is integrated, streamlined and undertaken by a single entity.

If you are a person who is hands-on and enjoys interacting and collaborating with different people and are sensitive to the needs of others, this course would be an appropriate means of satisfying your interests.

Please download the prospectus on the course page to know about the learning units that will be taught in this course.

Interior Design and Build is a hands-on course which focuses on not only understanding the basics of space design but also on the complete production process from the conceptualization, construction and finally the execution of the design. The course also inculcates the habit of designing with sensitivity to the users of a space, use of sustainable processes and materials without losing the aesthetics of the form and function of the space. A course in Interior design on the other hand, would focus predominantly on the design of the space.

Another distinguishing feature of the Interior Design and Build course is the practical immersions in the real world through industry exposure, apprenticeships and work experience.

You could be an entrepreneur or be employed in a design firm across the sectors of residential, retail, business, hospitality, entertainment, exhibition and heritage spaces.
This course will also open avenues for higher education in art, technology and design.

Please visit the Interior Design and Build webpage to learn about the different employment opportunities after each year.