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FAQs - Digital Media Production

Digital Media Production is a practice that uses digital technology in the production and conception of art and design in the fields of animation, game design and visual effects. There are several overlaps amongst these three fields and they share common digital platforms of production and distribution.

The domains of animation, game design and visual effects are growing with constant innovation and rapidly changing technology. If you are interested in any of these fields and want to engage effectively with the growing creative industry, then this is the best course for you.

Please download the prospectus on the course page to know about the learning units that will be taught in this course.

All the pathways aim to create professionals who are reflective and critical about their practice. There are overlaps in certain learning units in terms of concepts, techniques and skills. However, each pathway has specific learning outcomes and specialised competence building.

The ‘Game Design’ pathway introduces students to the fundamentals of games through the lens of design, technology and culture. This pathway will equip you with the skills and knowledge to create immersive and engaging digital experiences preparing you for a career in the game design and development industry.

The ‘Visual Effects’ pathway aims to develop technical and creative competency in students to generate industry standard manipulated moving imagery. With comprehensive inputs in VFX processes of several aspects of the production pipeline, this pathway also offers a unique opportunity for collaborative learning through crossovers with the ‘Digital Filmmaking’ course.

All these pathways require specialized training and competence building and therefore these are offered as separate areas of learning. From the first year itself, you are required to choose your area of interest in either one of these three pathways. While there are some learning units that are common to all the pathways, you are not encouraged to change your pathway once chosen. All learning units for each of the pathways are defined and mandated.

The course will allow you to work in the industry, in several roles. Here are a few examples but they are in no way an exhaustive list as the course is designed to nurture innovation, allowing for a unique combination of skills to create new roles.

If your pathway is ‘Animation’ you could be a Storyboard Artist, 2D/3D Animator, Motion Graphic Artist, Asset Creator for 2D animation, Character Modeller, Set Modeller, Texturing Artist, Lighting Artist, Rigger, Dynamics Artist. You can also be a Line Supervisor, Character Animator, 3D Effects Artist and an Advanced Character Modeller.

If your pathway is ‘Game Design’ you could be a Game Designer, Game Programmer, Web Game Developer, Web Developer, Web Backend Developer, Mobile Game Developer, PC Game Developer, Assistant Producer, Producer, Product Manager and QA Tester.

If your pathway is ‘Visual Effects’ you could be a Motion Graphics Artist, Rotoscopy Artist, Clean-Up and Prep Artist, Match Move Artist, Set Modeller, Texturing Artist, Lighting Artist, Dynamics/ Effects Artist and Junior Compositor. You could also be a Line Supervisor, 3D Generalist, 3D Effects Artist or a VFX Compositor.

This course will also open avenues for higher education in art, technology and design.

Please visit the three pathway webpages (‘Animation’, ‘Game Design’ and ‘Visual Effects’) to learn more about the different employment opportunities after each year.