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FAQs - Visual Communication and Strategic Branding

Visual Communication and Strategic Branding course provides a conceptual foundation for students to develop critical thinking skills in design and communication. While this course is rooted in the traditional discipline of Visual Communication Design, it also branches out to meet marketing and communication needs of the industry by including Strategic Design, Design Thinking, Branding and Marketing, and, Corporate Communications. In short, the course will enable you to apply your skills and learning to design creative material for branding and marketing communication.

The curriculum is designed to give you in-depth knowledge and expertise in the discipline of Visual Communications Design and Strategic Branding, with a breadth of understanding of related disciplines, such as Information design, Illustration, Photography, Communication and Presentation, Retail design and Exhibition design.
You will gain an understanding of the process of Visual Communication by engaging in coursework and class projects covering a variety of print and design projects Studios in Design Thinking, Research Methods and Contextual Studies help in developing an understanding and expertise in Strategic Branding. Interdisciplinary studies in arts and humanities will be combined with core studies in visual form, typography, design history and theory, conceptualization and image generation, and design for the digital mediums, to provide students with thinking and making tools to educate and enrich themselves through their lives and careers. You will learn methods of Representation, Interaction and Communication using Visual Tools.

Visual communication Design and Strategic Branding course is specifically designed to provide a holistic learning in the realms of communication such as graphic design, advertising and branding.
Insights gained through courses in Strategic Branding Strategic are crucial for creative practitioners as they provide the necessary understanding of the contexts, environments and intents. Skills and processes learned through courses in Visual Communication design are necessary to develop visualization abilities to design creative communications that are informed by the strategic thinking. In this manner, the curriculum provides blended learning in all the three areas of communication.

You can work for a variety of businesses such as design studios or branding consultants. Graduates can also be part of a creative team specializing in advertising design, identity and event branding or corporate communication.
Marketing and PR agencies are another possibility, where you'd be involved in the process of creating positive images of organizations, services and products, and delivering creative solutions that generate sales or an increase in business interest. Publishing companies and NGOs also employ our graduates where they are engaged in design, production and marketing of books, reports, magazines, newspapers and journals. Some of our graduates set up their own studios and work as independent designers or work as part of a studio collective.