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FAQs - Digital Media Arts

Digital Media Arts at Srishti comprises of the fields of Animation, Visual Effects and Game Design and Development. Although these are diverse fields they are considered together due to their similarity in terms of demands in the industry and the skill requirements. The main inputs offered in DMA at the moment are in Animation which support requirements of Visual Effects and Game Design, along with some specialized inputs in the latter two fields.

The program is designed to give an overview of several aspects of these fields. The inputs are offered both in 2D and 3D animation techniques. The emphasis is on developing a holistic understanding of the possibilities of these fields. The student can choose to develop skills in a stream of their choice and also combine skills from other disciplines offered across Srishti. Hence graduates with a Bachelor of Creative Arts in DMA will be able to function in different roles in the industries of media and entertainment, advertising, communication services, web design or in education and welfare sectors. They will be equipped to contribute in design thinking, ideating and/or production processes of the animation practice.

If you are interested in inventing and creating new worlds, if you like the art of communicating and especially condense a lot of what you want to say in a short time, if you are playful, if you like drawing or building elements that can move and come to life, if you want to have full control of the moving image world that you want to create, then this would be a good choice for you.

The course at Srishti gives high importance to context-based work. The context could be that of the industry, it could pertain to social, cultural or environmental themes, or be an enquiry of the personal and the content of one’s own experience and art making practices. The program is designed to help students be better learners and pursue their own goals and lines of enquiry. Situated in a multidisciplinary environment, there are good possibilities of comparing, acquiring and appropriating methods and practices from other disciplines into one’s own practice of digital media.

Yes, you will be able to pursue a Masters in any place of study whether in India or in another country of your choice.