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FAQs - Creative Writing

You can apply to the undergraduate program, after completing your 12th standard board examinations under any curriculum. You need to have a genuine interest in writing to apply for the Creative Writing Program at Srishti and maintain a sustained interest in thinking, reading and writing. The primary language for communication is English; be that as it may, the units offered by the Creative Writing program encourages writing in all languages.

The Creative Writing program at Srishti aims to combine instinct with craft. The experienced faculty members here will guide and nurture your instincts as a writer as well as provide able support to develop and polish the craft of writing.

Firstly, we follow process and help you develop the skills to write, while also giving you opportunities to take charge of your unique and vibrant imagination. It takes more than a knowledge of grammar to become the writer you want to become. To this end, we provide learning environments nourished by art and design that can scaffold your creative expressions. Secondly, the Creative Writing program at Srishti aims to create a ‘community of practice’. Here, writing does not happen in isolation. You will think, discuss, read, make, write and review in groups in order to get into the practice of writing, before you develop the confidence and faith to pursue writing for life. Thirdly, from short form narratives to screenplays, writing for games and graphic novels, we cover a large spectrum of genres, techniques and concepts, amounting to a refined formation of your writing practice. And lastly, the Creative Writing program fosters joy in the art of writing where you will truly develop a love for the art of writing.

Media and websites today require new and fresh content and the need for good content writers is growing every day. Apart from nurturing individuals to become part of the Writers’ community, Srishti trains students to be part of this new world of writers through courses in basic skills, writing for games and visual media, editing and publishing know-how in order to build a gamut of transferable skills. You will learn skills including script writing and book making. All these skills can help you get job opportunities across sectors.

Srishti provides space to showcase students’ writings in the Journal of Creative Writing. Apart from bringing visibility to your writing in print, we also provide opportunities for installations, exhibitions, readings and discussions. We have used podcasts and word of mouth performances in the past and continue to look for new and technologically mediated means for dissemination of good quality creative writing. The facilitators of this course will also guide you towards getting your writings published outside of Srishti.

Class sizes in Srishti are generally small. In case of Creative writing, we prefer to keep class sizes to a maximum of 15-17 students to enable detailed feedback sessions in a workshop system.

Students from all language backgrounds can apply. We have subject experts in more than 14 languages who will be able to guide you in writing.

We have established writers on site who will teach you the skills that they find valuable in Creative Writing. In addition, Srishti has a wide and well-established network and we will be using our networks to bring in literary figures, as we understand that this is an important source of inspiration for students.

The final projects at Srishti are distributed across departments. One option is to work on a substantial piece of imaginative writing. However, this piece can be done by collaborating with other disciplines.

Once you have the required credits for Creative Writing, Srishti encourages its students to take classes across disciplines following the choice based credit system, which allows you to choose your major and minor subjects.