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FAQs - Creative and Applied Computation

If you are at home with geometric and mathematical thoughts, if you see numbers in diverse things (colors, sounds, movements, …) and wonder how these can be manipulated, if the idea of algorithmically determining actions intrigues you then you are in the right program.

Eligibility includes any one of the following:
- National and International Boards - CBSE / ISC / IB / AICE, / A Level
- NSQF Certification Level IV completed
- State Board of Technical Education - Diploma
- High School Diploma (USA/Canada).

The program is delivered using a combination of studios, workshops, classroom sessions, seminars, and internships along with group projects to enable deep and experiential learning. You will be working in collaborative, dedicated studio spaces throughout the program, will gain practical skills, learn design process and theories to craft computation for future products and services, learn to implement ideas concepts using experimental and established tools, and develop visualisations that are engaging and meaningful for the end-user.