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FAQs - Strategic Design & Brand Leadership

The course in Strategic Design and Brand Leadership program combines the framework of design thinking with branding and leadership skills to form a design strategy methodology. The academic focus is distributed among strategic thinking, design process and thinking and branding studies.

The most innovative strategies are always designed. Which means they need creative and lateral thinking. The course in Strategic Design and Brand Leadership is an academic mix of the areas a business or a consultancy, or a social organization needs to create a strategy to become a leading brand. This would include the new field Strategic Design, which basically involves redesigning a business to match its strategy. To help this process along there will be strategy practices, branding exercises, design process and entrepreneurial point of view.

The course in Strategic Design and Brand Leadership addresses the realm of advertising from a strategic and brand leadership point of view. The course is a unique mix of design thinking combined with leadership and entrepreneurship, which enables one to think proactively and strategically.

The program is open to anyone who has successfully completed 4 years of undergraduate studies in any field and who has a keen interest in strategy, design thinking, branding and leadership. A candidate with an undergraduate degree such as B.Des, B.Cr.A, a 4-years engineering or architecture degree, or a 4-years applied art or fine arts degree could also apply to this unique program. Those who do not have 4 years of undergraduate education can apply to our 1-year bridge program, which is known as the Post Graduate Diploma Program (PGDP). Successful completion of our 1-year PGDP course will make you eligible to apply to this course in Strategic Design and Brand Leadership.

If you enroll in this course with a background or keen interest in a specific domain such as art, design, media, business, economics, engineering, management, finance, you could move towards a focused development plan to augment your qualifications and speed by integrating design thinking and strategic design into your knowledge bank.

Some of the capacities our graduates could work in are: Design strategist, Brand Strategist, Design Researcher and Strategist, Art Director, Strategic Planner, Brand consultants etc. After successful completion of your course in Strategic Design and Brand Leadership you could also pursue a PhD in an area of your choice.