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FAQs - Design Computation

Design computation looks at the use of computation to extend the way objects are thought of. It could involve building behaviours into products, interactivity into data visualisations (that were traditionally static), introducing parametric and generative aspects to designs and media to name a few.

If you enjoy thinking about ways in which the physical and digital meet, how people can and could interact with computers, ways in which computational technology can be used to improve and innovate in the way things are done in areas such as entertainment, education and health, then you are in the right course.

This course assumes that you know programming – this could have been learnt in your undergraduate degree, through an online course or by teaching yourself through doing. You will be expected to teach yourself new tools using open resources as and when you need them.
There is NO specified computer language that you need to be fluent with, though you should be comfortable with at least one.