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FAQs - Urban Design, Sustainability and Conservation

The program in Urban Design, Sustainability, and Conservation is a two-year professional program.  It prepares students to understand and analyze urban areas, and to design them better as spaces, forms, networks, landscapes, and systems. Inherited cultures and the natural environment of a place would be considered as valuable resources to be carefully managed and integrated in the planning and design.

If you believe that cultural and natural heritage is valuable, that design can help make our cities better, more livable, and more humane place, and that you want to be part of a movement for sustainability, then this course is for you.

Anyone with 3 or 4 year undergraduate degree in geography, or environmental design, or a diploma in architecture, planning, or landscape architecture.

You will participate in lecture/seminars, workshops, studios, internships, capstone project, and self-initiated projects.  Many of the studios and the capstone project would have a field-work/professional project component to it helping to provide experience in working in contexts, places, and communities.

The program in Urban Design and Sustainability would open up the following opportunities to successful graduates:
 - Enhanced employment opportunities with specialization and refinement in heritage compatible design, urban design, and sustainability design in a variety of creative professional practices such as planning, urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, and housing design.
 - Employment in research and development organizations, NGOs & social enterprises working in any field of built environment, cities, heritage, sustainability and resilience.
 - Employment with museums and galleries
 - Become a design and planning entrepreneur
 - Become an academic in a design program.