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FAQs - Impact Entrepreneurship

Impact Entrepreneurship (MINT) is about creating social impact profitably and not about maximizing profit which mainstream entrepreneurship is largely about.

World over there is  an increasing acceptance of the need for business solutions to social problems,  and there is an emerging class of startups and enterprises across domains like
- Livelihoods
- Education
- Energy
- Water  and sanitation
- Health
- Housing
- Financial  inclusion
- Social equity

NGO founders can bring best practises from the for profit sector to bear on their organisations to make them more sustainable especially in a climate where grant money is drying up and even grant making foundations are looking at returns on investment /grants through rigorous metrics and impact assessments.
Further next level leadership can be groomed through the MINT program.

The basics of entrepreneurships are equally important whether you are an owner or founder, a manager or a designer. Companies’ value “intrapreneurship” ie how an employee behaves like a owner and takes empowered decisions. Entrepreneurship is a stance that is useful regardless of what you do.

It is necessary to be working to do this program. You will be working on your startup, running enterprise or start up idea.
You could also be working for an NGO, a social venture fund, a philanthropic foundation or a corporate with interests in BOP markets or be in the CSR arm of a corporate.

Many corporates are interested in creating products and services for underserved markets,
The MINT program will help build and validate credible and concrete business models for BOP markets.

The MINT program gives you an insight into how the recipients of your CSR activity function. It will help you draw up a comprehensive CSR policy for your company and create the frameworks for your company to interact and support beneficiaries.

The MINT program will pair you with an existing Impact Enterprise where you will co-create the business plan and pitch with a fellow student sharpening your sensitivity to impact enterprises and help you in assessing business plans and investment opportunities with an “insider“ perspective. You will frame the investment/ grant-making criterion for your organization.

Most of the e-learning material can be accessed off line as well but interactive sessions like webinars will require you to be at a location with broadband.

The MINT program is similar in many ways to an executive MBA, but is different in that it has a strong design thinking stance, is like a startup incubator and is cross disciplinary. The program has a tangible output in the form of a business, policy or investment framework.