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FAQs - Experience Design

Experience Design is about keeping focus on the experiences that the users will encounter while interacting and using a digital product or a service. It is about creating rich user experiences that aim at solving existing problems, creating delight for people and making digital products and services usable and useful. At Srishti, Experience Design concentrates on understanding, evaluating, designing, and crafting exceptionally good Interaction Design and User Experience Design.

If you are a working professional and have a desire to learn the frameworks, methods and tools of interaction, interface and user experience design in depth, then this course is for you. A three-year degree in any field and work experience will make you eligible for the course in Experience Design program.
Please note: You need to be currently employed and continue to be employed or working as a freelance UI/UX designer in order to meet the requirements of this specialisation. Part of your time will be spent at Srishti taking classes, studio and workshops, and the rest of your time you will spend on projects in your workplace where you will apply your in-class learning. These projects will be scoped accordingly and will be assessed for your application. In this way, your professional work will be part of your learning.

You can continue to work in your profession, but with specialized and in-depth knowledge about the frameworks, methods and tools to create exceptional UI & UX work. You will also have the capabilities to enhance your current work roles, from front-end designer to a more strategic role in a User Experience Design team or a New Product Development team within your organization. 
You will be capable of:
 - ensuring that that current and future user needs, desires and aspirations are met in design; 
 - designing delightful, useful and user friendly products;
 - testing products and services so that they meet the users expectations, constraints and needs; and researching and developing new and innovative ways in which user experiences can be enriched.

You will learn the theories behind human behavior, design and human factors principles for creating successful digital products and services, and strategies that will make products and services successful in the market. Some of the typical courses that you will take are Interaction Design, Design research, Secondary Research, Web and mobile user experience design, Digital Strategy, Usability Testing, Visual thinking, Prototyping, and Emotional Design. Learning at Srishti is primarily through immersive studios and workshops that provide the theoretical foundation and early application in a hands-on manner. Further students are expected to apply these learning in their ongoing work project outside Srishti and learn through experience of working on real life projects either as freelance professionals or industry professionals.