Experimental Media Arts

"We were trying to change things by permeating different territories." - artist Dara Birnbaum in an interview with Nicolás Guagnini published in Cabinet Magazine, Issue 9, 2002/2003

Experimental Media Art (EMA) is a context of research and practice where art, science and technology meet. This course of study actively encourages interdisciplinarity. It facilitates the exploration of old and emerging media, technologies and interfaces through hands-on learning and critical understanding of the role of technological and scientific developments in artistic and socio-cultural contexts.

With a focus on human interaction with built, natural and simulated environments, EMA offers a practical and theoretical framework to develop inventive approaches to using and transforming hardware, software and everyday materials to express artistic and creative thinking. Through taking courses that range from working with electronics, multimodality and simulation to exploring media communication, activism and new media discourses, the students will develop an ability to look at contemporary culture and society through the lenses of art research and practice, scientific thinking and histories of technology.

EMA means to foster cooperation and exchanges across disciplines encompassing the art field, the scientific lab and the tech sector and to nurture a community of researchers and practitioners that are concerned with pushing disciplinary boundaries.

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