Tracing Narratives - A Travelling Exhibition, Aug 25 to Sept 3, 2017 Bengaluru

Tracing Narratives

UNESCO chair at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology invites the travelling exhibition 'Tracing Narratives' to the city of Bengaluru. This initiative is intended towards positioning academic and practice discourses around the larger theme of 'arts and sciences of natural heritage' and its contribution to sustainable development of the cities of tomorrow.

The narrative of Indian Landscape Design is large, and fractured and any attempt to map it fully is fraught with problems; most that perhaps will take years to surmount. The exhibition, then does not aim at comprehensiveness, as much as it aims at incisiveness.

The exhibition attempts to create a lens; through which practitioners may care to evaluate the world of landscape design and its meanings today, and in the near future, or for the interested person who just wants to know about the world of landscape design, and certainly for the student, who may find the story of landscape design, enriching his or her thinking about design in general.

Another facet of this adventure is to make the idea of the garden, central to the discussion. The meaning or rather the many meanings of a garden are often forgotten, and the searching of these meanings will lead one to find the core of the profession; a place from where many forays not just in the world of design can well be launched.

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UNESCO chair and Srishti Institute would like to thank LEAF India and Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited for their collaboration. Also appreciate the sponsors, without whom the exhibition would not have been possible.

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