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Upaaya - a centre for contemplative practice, study and research

“To meet the challenges of this century, human beings will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility” - The 14th Dalai Lama

Upaaya encompasses the spirit of all Contemplative and Meditative Practices.

In its essence it is:
• Mindfulness
• Ethics of Self Interest,
• Skillful Means (Upayakaushalya),
• Creativity,
• Emotional Balance

Upaaya’s Vision:

To be part of a universal network to create a universal network of that are a source of public outreach, focused meditative retreat and contemplative training, from which close collaboration with the scientific community is also enabled to facilitate study and research for the purpose of making ancient practices available easily in our contemporary settings

Upaaya’s Objectives:

The primary purpose is to see communicated, supported and enacted, a path to realization of the highest potential of human consciousness.
The secondary purpose is to share the benefits that arise out of this path with individuals and society, including collaboration with scientific inquiry.


To achieve the Vision and Mission stated above, Upaaya – Centre for Contemplative Practice and Research will be offering a selection of programs in the practice, study and research of contemplation and meditation relevant to and easily practiced in contemporary spaces.

Activities Projects:

Discipline, Deliverables & Learning Approaches
• To conduct both internal and public outreach programs for both our close and extended communities and workshops offering
• Basic meditation training in mindfulness, attention, empathy, emotional balance etc.
• Adapting these methods to education, mental healthcare, business, and athletics,
• Meditation retreats focusing on basic practices such as shamatha, vipasana , the nature of the mind and others.
• Further provide facilities and instruction for long-term retreats, to give the opportunity for in-depth exploration of levels of consciousness, techniques and practices preserved in the rich heritages of the world’s wisdom traditions.
• These rarefied levels of consciousness will form a platform for a new collaboration with scientific research, study and investigation of the nature of consciousness.
• Collaborating with scientists to test the effects of such meditations.

Research and Collaborations

Palpung Group of Institutions and Active Peace Initiative,
Tegar Monastery and Joy of Living Program
The Samadhi Foundation and Garden of Samadhi Mind Centre

The Yoga Institute
Benares Hindu University
Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts


Dipnkar Khanna
+91 98451 78214


A workshop conducted by Glen

A workshop conducted by Glen

A seminar conducted at NIMHANS, Bangalore

His Holiness The Dalai Lama addresses the gathering at NIMHANS

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama with delegates at NIMHANS

A workshop conducted by Eve Ekman

Eve Ekman - Alchemy of Empathy, Transforming stress into meaningful work

Thubten Chodron with the Srishti Community at Bangalore

Distribution of blankets for the Homeless.

A meditation session guided by Thubten Chodron at Srishti