LeNS LAB – Learning Network for Sustainability

The LeNS network started as an Asian-European multi-polar network for curricula development on Design for Sustainability focused on product-service system innovation.
The main aims were contributing to human resources and curriculum development, in a reciprocal understanding of cultures, by promoting a new generation of designers (and design educators) capable to effectively contribute to a transition towards a sustainable society.

Srishti is part of a EU funded, collaborative project LeNS-in (the international Learning Network of networks on Sustainability) that aims to promote a new generation of designers (and design educators and researchers) capable of Design for Sustainability (DfS) focused on Sustainable Product-Service System (S.PSS) applied to Distributed Economies (DE). The project brings together many institutions and universities from LeNS_Brazil, LeNS_Mexico; LeNS_South Africa, LeNS_China, LeNS_India and LeNS_Europe as a multi-polar network of LeNS Networks The project will also set up a LeNS lab and maker space at Srishti.

LeNSin Team at the recent Kick off Meeting held at Politecnico di Milano. Mary Jacob and Shweta Srivastav attended the meeting from Srishti.

We have in 2015-16 also initiated the LeNS India Chapter.  LeNS –India is an independent collaborative network of institutions across India that aims to drive sustainability thinking and critical reflection in academic institutions.


Work together to interrogate sustainability in design education, practice and societal impact and creatively engage in the creation of knowledge.


  • Engaging creatively for knowledge generation
  • Creating & sharing the repository
  • Defining contextual sustainability
  • Designing for societal impact
  • Managing our collaboration

The LeNS-India network has 8 partner institutes


Srishti School of Art Design and Technology


Indian Institute of technology Guwahati


C.A.R.E. School of Architecture


Indian Institute of Information technology Design and Manufacturing Jabalpur (IIITDMJ)


Indian Institute Of Technology Gandhinagar


Goa College of Architecture


Hunnershala Foundation for Building Technology & Innovations


Vastu Shilpa Foundation

Past Work

In the 3 years project (15/12/2007 - 15/12/2010) funded by the Asia Link Programme, EuropAid, European Commission, involving 7 design schools in Europe and Asia, LeNs produced an open learning e-package, a package of teaching materials (texts, slideshows, audio, video etc,) and tools for designers.

In its first phase, Srishti contributed to the network with the design of a course on PSS design for Sustainability. Srishti also hosted the LeNS conference on Sustainability in design: NOW! Challenges and opportunities for Design Research, Education and Practice in the XXI Century at Bangalore, India, 29th September - 1st October 2010.
Srishti students participated in the LeNS Student design competition 2009-10 with 8 entries of which ‘Green High’ won an award.

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