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Admissions: Undergraduate Professional Program - 2018-19

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Undergraduate Professional Program – 2018-19


The 4-year Undergraduate Professional Program in Design and Fine Arts is committed to training students in the various fields of art and design with a focus on cross-disciplinary education. The program exposes students to an exploratory and creative learning process with a focus on experiential learning.

During the course of studies, an individual concentrates on the building of basic technical and conceptual skills in art, design and technology organized under particular Design philosophies and principles. Students are provided with context-based learning in real world and complex scenarios that will hone both their technical and conceptual skills in the following areas


Courses in Design

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Bachelor of Design (B.Des) degree awarded by Bangalore Central University.

Courses in Fine Arts

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Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) degree awarded by Bangalore Central University.

Program Structure

One-year Foundation Studies Program during which students get introduced to a broad interdisciplinary contextual approach towards cultural and critical enquiry as an over arching principle of creative art and design practice.

Two-year Studio Based Programs where students may navigate, explore and experience courses offered in various disciplines.

One-year Project Based Program which allows for synthesis and consolidation of skills, positions and perspectives.


Students are also required to do an internship of 6-8 weeks at the end of the 2nd year of Professional Program.



Any one of the following:


Admission Process

A candidate must successfully complete the Undergraduate Professional Program admissions process that comprises of an entrance test followed by a portfolio review & interview.

Selection Protocols 2018

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Revised and Published on : 03 March 2018.

Fee Schedule 2018-19

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Revised and Published on : 03 March 2018.


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