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Admissions: Doctoral Program in Art and Design (PhD)

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Doctoral Program

Doctoral Program in Art and Design (PhD)


Srishti is recognized as a Research Center of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) and the PhD degrees would be awarded by Manipal Academy of Higher Education. The doctoral program in Art and Design aims to inculcate competency in high-quality and rigorous research in art and design that makes an original contribution to the disciplinary core of design and creative practices with knowledge, methods, perspectives, and concepts. The program encompasses a range of scholarly research, design, and creative productions. Design encompasses a variety of creative fields, philosophies, techniques, practices, and products from engineering solutions to artistic interpretations; from systems design, to architecture and urban design. Art includes artistic and creative works, practices, and discourses that may be experimental, conceptual or critical. The program aims to nurture and develop artistic and design thinking as an inquiry based field of research and knowledge production that in turn inform better practices of art and design. On admission, during the first year of the program, candidates will take required courses in theory, research methods, and research design; finalize their doctoral advisory committee; and develop their detailed research proposal for a thesis or project in consultation with their doctoral committee. Students admitted to the program will work under the mentorship of a Srishti faculty guide along with a doctoral advisory committee that may also include external subject experts. On successful completion of the Proposal Defense of their PhD thesis/project proposal, candidates would register for their PhD. On successful completion of their Thesis/Project Defense and report, students would be awarded a PhD. The minimum duration for completion of the PhD program is 3 years after registration for their PhD or a total of 4 years in the PhD program. The program aims to build capacities for design and design education, as well as art and art education that address the problems and opportunities of contemporary society while being cognizant of India’s rich heritage that is both tangible and intangible. We aim to lead design research so as to build knowledge and inform practice that enables design to be an agent of social change, a catalyst for meaningful advancements in technology, and a means of promoting sustainability. The value of a PhD program in Art and design is to contribute to historical and theoretical discourse on art and design, infuse design knowledge, research methods, and theory at all levels of design education to add depth and rigor, and to encourage innovation in design and artistic practices.