Choice and Navigation

Flexibility to devise a learning program suited to individual needs and aspirations goes to the core of Srishti’s academic endeavors and provision is made to provide for this at all levels of study.


The Academic Office at Srishti makes all final decisions on the nature of registration- by allocation or by choice:

  • By Allocation – Students are given a schedule of modules & learning units and are pre-registered into the learning units. 
  • By Choice - Students may choose from a list of modules & learning units offered in an academic year.

Students may need to maintain a certain proportion of choice-based and allocated learning units depending on a range of factors, which will be determined by:

  • Their course of study
  • Their major or minor (where applicable)
  • Any other factors (such as disabilities or need of learning or other forms of support)
  • Location or cost of individual modules in the program of study.

When registering by choice:

  • Students register for learning units through an online signup system within the stipulated time provided in each semester.
  • Students have to ensure that the minimum required credits for that semester as specified by the program of study are being met.
  • The academic office determines the number of seats available for every course.
  • Students need to ensure that they have the required prerequisites before they sign up for a course.
  • Students may change their learning units within one week of the sign up being completed. 
  • Changes in learning units will be permitted based on availability of seats in the learning units within the stipulated time.


  • All decisions on whether a learning unit is mandatory and hence by allocation or by choice rests within each School, its Board of Studies and should be consistent and not at variance with the Academic Policies of Srishti.
  1. Students, who do not meet the eligibility criteria listed in the course abstract may not sign up for a course, and in the event that they insist must sign an indemnity statement with the Academic Office indicating that they will take the responsibility for this and accept any consequences thereof the decision.
  2. Students may not be registered by either method unless they have paid all financial dues to the institution.
  3. Students on probation, on direct entry from other schools or other programs, may register after consultation with their Tutors/ Academic Advisors and with a note from the Dean of Student Welfare.
  4. Not all learning units will be suitable for students with disabilities or special needs and their registration will include advise and suggestions from members of the learning support and school counseling teams.

Student Responsibilities

Students will need to take personal responsibility for their academic progress by:

  1. Informed and thoughtful decisions in their choice of learning units balancing cores and electives in a creative and yet practical manner.
  2. Review of their transcripts at the end of each assessment cycle, paying careful attention to the total number of credits successfully completed as well as the actual grades received.
  3. Scheduling and meeting their Tutors or Academic Advisors on regular basis.
  4. Seeking clarifications on grading schemes and assessment procedures and processes
  5. Filing appeals in accordance to the academic policies of Srishti.


At Srishti academic majors define all courses at the PG level and both academic majors and minors define courses at the UG level.

By definition

  • An academic major typically consists of a core curriculum, with prescribed units of study, general studies and elective components.
  • An academic minor is a student’s second disciplinary choice and will have its own prescribed units of study.
  • A transdisciplinary major or minor is one that cuts across disciplines and will be defined by the student in agreement with the Deans and Course Leaders and in consultation with the Tutor.

Navigation is subject to the following:-

  • UG Technical
    • An academic major is declared at the time of admission and will define the nature of the minors, general education and also electives.
    • Majority of learning units will be allocated.
    • Students may move laterally after successful completion of a year of study to another major.
  • UG Professional
    • Students declare, on admission
      • A single major and associated minors
      • A trans-disciplinary major and associated minors
    • Students will take the prescribed curricular units for their course in the 3rd year
    • Students will need to show completion of required curricular units before qualifying for the final thesis project.
  • PG Professional and PG Arts- (both modes)
    • Students declare on admission
      • Single major


Students at all levels and in any program of study must meet all graduating standards of the course in order to be eligible for the award (UG or PG)

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