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Academic Office

The Academic Affairs Office at Srishti looks after all matters pertaining to the design and delivery of the academic programs, including the defining of pedagogy and the curriculum, developing and monitoring policies and procedures for its implementation, ensuring a high standard of academic integrity, provide opportunities for reviews, participate and comply with processes of institutional assessment and accreditation, develop new programs and ensure student academic progress.

This office comprises of:

Founder Director
All Academic Deans
Dean of Student Welfare
Head of Student Counseling
Executive Administrator
Individual Program Secretaries
Scheduling and Logistics Managers

The Academic Office at Srishti reports to the Academic Council on all matters to do with regulation and academic standards.

The Academic Council of Srishti comprises of internal and external members, nominated by the Founder Director and passed by both the Board of Trustees of the Ujwal Trust and also the Governing Council of Srishti.

The Academic Council meets and considers recommendations made by the Board of Advisors – both National and International- as they are considered subject or domain experts in the field of art, design and technology education at the professional level of practice and at the tertiary level of education